ESPA Program

Important information regarding clothing and Electrical - Mechanical items (e.g. power supplies, electronics, batteries, alarms, motors) have no warranty and are not returnable in any case, as it is impossible to check any damage due to the customer's fault.

For the return it is necessary to contact the Store by telephone or send us an e-mail to describing the return request and you will receive our reply.

Returns and replacements of products can only be made if all the following conditions are met:

The return must be made within 14 working days from the day of receipt of your order.

The product must be followed by all accompanying documents (retail receipt, delivery note-invoice, etc.).

All return costs are the responsibility of the sender. 

For refunds for purchases made with a credit card, we would like to inform you that the refund process is immediate and the crediting time usually does not exceed two to three working days.

It is understood that in the case of proven through the fault of, sold products of poor and defective quality or by mistake in receiving the order or in pricing or shipping, etc. and the shipping costs are borne by the company.Only in these cases assumes full responsibility for replacement, the terms of return remain the same as above.