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This is how you deal with pruning

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A puncture can happen at any time. See how you can deal with it and what you need to do to be properly equipped.

What to do if you get a flat tire

Your first priority is to make sure you can stop immediately and get off the road safely as soon as possible. Using the brakes too abruptly can cause a loss of control. Avoid changing gears or braking until the speed is reduced, and if you are sure you know which tire has a problem, use the other wheel's brake lightly and gradually.

Use a repair kit

One way to deal with a deflated motorcycle tire - especially if you're on your own - is to fix it yourself. Tire repair kits are relatively simple to use and can be easily stored under the saddle. Although some damaged tires are difficult to repair, it's worth trying when your options are few and you're not near a vulcanizer. Be careful if the puncture is too close to the sidewall, a plug is not always the safest solution for such a repair. A good and quick solution if our tire has been punctured by a sharp object is to "patch" it with a spray of tire repair foam.

Carry compressed air with you

Compressed air won't necessarily solve a flat tire problem, but it can certainly save your day if you have a slow leak or need to inflate a tire after it's been repaired. Compressed air ampoules don't take up space and can help inflate tires after a repair.

Prepare for next time

While sometimes there is no way to avoid a tire blowout, there are definitely ways to prepare yourself in case you find yourself in such a situation. Make sure to check your tire pressure regularly, as driving at low pressure can lead to premature tire wear and eventually a blowout. Also stock up on a tyre repair kit which includes compressed air injectors. Its cost is low and it can prove particularly useful at a critical time.